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8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)

8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
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8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
8-Inch Dual-Stack Ferrite Subwoofer - 775W + 775W (Peak)
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  • Model: AI8.4DVC
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7 days Replacement
We kindly request a complete unboxing video.
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Key Points:-

  • Delivery within 3 business days anywhere in India.
  • Overnight delivery for Delhi and NCR customers.
  • For Return/Replacement Click Here
  • Compatible with any DJ amplifier or minimum 60W TPA3118 based circuit.
  • Ideal Replacement for Sony/Pioneer or JBL 8 inch subwoofers.
  • Compatible Enclosure 32L Volume - L Port Click Here
  • DOUBLE WOOFER Compatible Enclosure 50L Volume - L Port Click Here

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Tech Specs

About this item

  • Premium 8 inch subwoofer from Fredo
  • Comparable to Fredo 10 inch double magnet subwoofer
  • Highest motor strength (BL 12.9 Tesla*Metre) in comparison to all Fredo 8 inch subwoofers
  • 20% increase in bass compared to Fredo SVC/single magnet subwoofer
  • Res. Frequency: 31Hz
  • 120mm x2 (outer dia) and 20mm x 2 (thickness) Y30 grade ferrite magnets for powerful punch
  • SPL: 88db
  • Big roll foam surround
  • Stitched cone
  • Subwoofer weight is 3.25 Kgs without packing
  • High Peak power of dual coils 775W+775W
  • Pole piece and under spider venting
  • Push fit/color coded/steel terminals
  • 4 Ohms each coil/Single coil may be used for car/home use
  • 30 liters of ported box volume is recommended

Power Ratings

  • Nominal Power (Single Coil) = 155W
  • Max Continuous Power (Single Coil) = 465W
  • Spike/Peak Power Tolerance (Single Coil) = 775W
  • RMS Power (Single Coil) = 110W, effective impedance 4 Ohms
  • RMS Power (DVC wiring in parallel) = 220W, effective impedance 2 Ohms
  • RMS Power (DVC wiring in series) = 55W, effective impedance 8 Ohms

TS Parameters (pertaining to single voice coil)

  • Resonance Frequency = 31Hz
  • Qms (mechanical) = 7.56
  • Qes (electrical) = 0.49
  • Qts (total) = 0.46
  • BL (Motor Strength) = 12.9 Tesla*Metre
  • Voice Coil Dia = 1.5inch + 1.5inch

BOX Recommendation

Independence to make Ported, Sealed, or Band Pass enclosure (Qts can be varied below 0.4 to above 0.7), as Fredo DVC drivers can be connected to variable resistance to one voice coil and an amplifier to another. (Variable resistance config)

Important information for replacements:-

Q: What other components are necessary for this product?

A: Our product line consists of subwoofers. For optimal performance, they require a compatible amplifier and a quality cabinet. Inadequate amplifiers may result in issues such as voice coil chattering, while testing without a suitable wood cabinet may lead to dissatisfaction with the sound quality.

Q: What is the recommended procedure for receiving a product?

A: We acknowledge the value of your investment in our products, which are a culmination of your DIY aspirations. Upon receiving your order, we kindly request that you create an unboxing video. While unboxing, please have someone else operate the camera to capture the process. This ensures documentation in case of any transport-related damage, providing necessary evidence to support your claim. Please note that videos filmed after repackaging the product at the customer's end will not be accepted as valid evidence.

Q: Who is the ideal customer for this product?

A: Engaging in do-it-yourself projects can be a costly and time-intensive endeavor. Achieving the desired outcome may require multiple attempts. If you have a genuine passion for immersive audio and are willing to invest in quality, Fredo subwoofers are tailored for you. Our products boast durability and substantial build. We provide a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects, though replacement during this period will incur courier charges. We encourage potential buyers to carefully consider their need for this product, as we do not offer cash refunds for changes of heart after purchase.

Q: How much will I be charged for courier services in the event of a replacement?

A: The approximate courier charge is ₹100 per kilogram. Customers residing in Jammu & Kashmir and the North Eastern states may incur slightly higher charges due to the elevated costs of courier services in those regions. Rest assured, we will handle the arrangement of courier services for you, and payment can be made upon delivery.

Q: What should I do if I receive a damaged product?

A: While we take utmost care in packaging our products with wood, there is still a possibility of damage during transit due to mishandling by the courier. In such cases, we kindly ask you to upload a CLEAR video showcasing the damaged product WITH its wood packaging. Please note that minor nicks and scratches resulting from courier mishandling will not be considered as transport damage. You can reach us via email at or via WhatsApp at 9840024579 to initiate the resolution process.

Q: What should I do if I suspect a manufacturing defect?

A: Prior to shipping, all products undergo thorough inspection to ensure quality. If you suspect a manufacturing defect, we advise connecting the subwoofer or speaker to a high-quality amplifier to assess its performance accurately. Please refrain from assessing performance by testing the sponginess of the cone or dust cap by hand, as these methods are not indicative of overall performance. It's essential to check the voice coil integrity using a live amplifier input. Additionally, we strongly discourage testing subwoofers without a cabinet, as free air testing is primarily intended for specific TS parameters and not for evaluating sound quality.

Q: Why am I responsible for courier charges if I suspect a manufacturing defect?

A: In such instances, it's considered a disputed scenario. While we prioritize meticulous craftsmanship and quality checks before dispatch, certain factors beyond our control may influence the product's performance. This could include compatibility issues with amplifiers or instances of overcurrent leading to voice coil chattering or burning. However, there is also the possibility of a genuine manufacturing defect. To address this, we seek the opinion of our factory technician. In order to facilitate the shipment of a new product, we ask the customer to cover the approximate courier charge of ₹100 per kilogram.

Q: Why is packaging material important?

A: I'ts crucial to retain the packaging wood material and box for potential return and replacement scenarios. By preserving these elements, you assist us in receiving the product back at the Fredo factory in it's original condition. thereby minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

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