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It takes minimum 1 business day to maximum 5 business days to complete an order delivery. Overnight/Air delivery for confirmed/prepaid orders.

Courier partners are notified automatically as the payment is made by the customer. Courier partners accept the package depending upon the PIN Code coverage offered by it. A tracking number is manually uploaded on the customer's order page once it is received from the courier agency. A normal upload time of 3 hours to 5 hours is taken to upload the tracking number, depending upon the time of the day when the order is placed.

Once the tracking number is uploaded, the order status changes to "fulfilled" and the customer can check the progress of the courier delivery.

We request our esteemed customers to attend phone calls after placing an order. Courier partners will call the customers if they feel the address given is incomplete or the location is out of coverage due to various reasons like pandemics, political tensions, natural calamities, or reasons out of control.